Chemistry Unit 10: Acids and Bases S2 Wk 2-3-4

Warm up: {FM} Describe the physical properties
(taste & texture) of acids, and of bases. Give an example of each.

Agenda: 3 theories of acids and bases

What is an acid base reaction?

Math Pre-requisite:  Venn Diagrams.

Activity: draw a Venn diagram for turtles, ninjas, and those mutant ninja turtles.

Now we discuss 3 theories of acids

Draw an illustration of what happens when an acid dissolves in water.  Draw another diagram for a base dissolved in water.



Draw a diagram of what happens in a Bronsted- Lowry Acid-Base reaction.

How is the Bronsted-Lowry Theory different from the Arrhenius theory?

Draw a Venn diagram for the Arrhenius and Bronsted-Lowry models considering the kinds of chemicals they describe.




Describe the Lewis Acid-Base model using diagrams and words.


see textbook.

Exit Assessment: draw venn diagram with the 3 theories of acids, write the definition of acid and base in each theory.

Crash course – acid-base reactions – from previous lessons

Part 2: pH and pOH


Warm Up: {FM} Draw the Venn diagram for 3 models of acids and bases.
What is pH? what is the pH of common household chemials.

More about pH from Crash Course…..

To learn more about exponents and the log scale please see my post “Why everyone hates John Napier” under the Math tab.


Here’s a simple explanation of exponential notation;

Practice problems: Exponential / Scientific notation and multiplying numbers.


pH and pOH