Chemistry: Catalysis

Warm Up: What is a Catalyst? (use definition from textbook page 1010)
What do catalysts do – describe in your own words.
Draw a 3 frame comic strip of how you think a catalytic atom might help a forward reaction.

Here’s a video about Diesel engine catalytic converters

Q1: What does a catalyzed soot filter do?
Q2: name 3 chenical reactions that occur in this catalytic converter, Describe the role of the catalyst in getting these reactions to happen.

Look up the catalysts in the catalytic converter of a gas automobile – look this up in your book.

Draw a table with 2 columns – in column 1 write the diesel equations, in column 2 write the gas engine equations.

Describe what diesel exhaust would look like without a catalytic converter.

Here’s a vision of the world without catalytuc converters….

CO2 is only one of many forms of pollution but here’s a list of how much waste CO2 various countries produce.