Earth Science Unit 5.0 The Oceans

Lesson 1 of Summer School Semester 2 Earth Science

Oceanography is simply the study of the oceans. We’ll be learning the geography of the oceans and the physical properties of the ocean as well as the water it contains.

What are the world’s oceans names and where are they located?

Watch 1st 5 minutes….




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What are the zones and what are the zones of the oceans?


pelagic: adjective relating to the open sea

neridic: adjective  relating to or denoting the shallow part of the sea near a coast and overlying the continental shelf.

Read pgs 470-478 discuss section 2 review


Read pgs 479-482

vocab: sketch, identify, define
continental shelf
continental slope
continental rise

define: inorganic sediments, organic sediments, chemical deposits – nodules
what are common minerals found in nodules?


Do Ch 19-3 section review  (hand in)