Earth science Unit 5.4 Ocean Currents

transport mechanisms:
the Gulf Stream
polar melt flow
destruction of the polar ice cap, impact on the Gulf Stream and potential mini ice age in Europe

PPTs Prentice Hall 16.Dynamic Ocean #1-14

Modeling the Coriolis Force

Ocean Currents Iken Edu

Identify ocean currents (worksheet)







The Gulf Stream

From memory: sketch the north Atlantic ocean, draw and annotate the cold and warm sections of the gulf stream.

Q: England is as far north as central Canada yet its climate is about the same as New York’s.   Explain why this is and why London is usually foggy.

The Gulf Stream is driven by the difference in water temperature between waters near the equator and waters near the north pole.

The Gulf Stream is a convection current.

Melting of the Arctic

Medieval Ice Age



Crash Curse: European ice ages

How could an ice age happen in Europe?

How would you survive if it did?

El Nino and La Nina