How to register on

Step 1:

  • sign in to a school computer using your normal student login and password
  • open a browser window or tab and go to
  • scroll down to the ‘meta’ section in the left hand navigation bar, click on ‘REGISTER’
  • enter a username, your username must be your last name space first name – no commas or other characters
    example: Bryant Kobe

    • IMPORTANT- you only get one chance at this. DO NOT use a NICKNAME !
  • enter your student email address
  • a temporary password will be sent to your email

Step 2:

  • open your email, select and copy the temporary password
    go back to
    enter your username and password
  • click on profile in the left hand nav bar
  • fill out the profile page – you must fill in fields for your first name and last name your display name is the same as your user name
  • in the biographical data section enter school, subject, period, and year
    LAAAE Biology
  • change your password
    Please use the same password you normally use for school software accounts such as your gmail

Step 3:

  • scroll to the bottom of the profile page and click ‘update profile’