NavBar Project

The task is to develop a skeleton multi-page website with internal navigation.

Part 1:

To start you need to create basic pages

You need to start with a landing page, usually this is the index page but for this project make the landing page navbar.html

about.html (add text later about who you are, your dreams and aspirations)

interests.html ( this can be any page of your interest such as ‘soccer’, ‘animals’, ‘cars’, ‘clothes’  etc. For example, you could name the page animals.html.)

gallery.html (a photo gallery we’ll create later)

friends.html (we’ll use this later and add some slick code)

contact.html (later we’ll add email ‘mailto’ links, and links to your social media)

Do not worry too much at this point about adding content to the pages. There will be plenty of time for that later.

Part 2:

Now create a horizontal NavBar

Use CSS in the head to style the links and blocks for ‘unvisited’ or ‘link’, ‘active’, ‘hover’,  and ‘visited’ states.