Physics Q2 Final Warm Up

Here is a list of topics we covered in Q1 and Q2 of this General Physics Course.  You should be able to write the formulas for each of these items as a study guide.


Topics we covered in Q1 and Q2

General equation of motion {x=?,  v^2=? }

Friction {coefficient of friction,  stiction – static friction,  normal force}

Fictitious Force { a result of reference frames,  centrifugal, Coriolis Force}

Mechanical Energy, Work, Kinetic, Potential

impulse momentum theorem

Newton’s Laws {1] Inertia, 2] a Physicist walks into a bar, 3] Law of reaction}


Circular Motion {angular; position, velocity, acceleration, momentum}


Kepler’s Laws

Tension, pulley’s

Dimensions, coordinate systems {Cartesian, circular, cylindrical , spherical }

Free Body Diagrams

Vectors, Scalars

Unit conversions