Physics Unit Index

This index describes the basic thematic unit structure of the course.

Semester 1:

Unit 1: Things you need to know -The Scientific Method. Significant Figures. Scientific Notation.
Unit 2: Kinematics – equations of motion, motion in 2 dimensions,vectors, circular motion
Unit 3: Newton’s Laws, Free Body Diagrams
Unit 4: Gravitation – Kepler, Cavendish, orbits, the force of gravity near the earth’s surface and the gravitational attraction between 2 masses
Unit 5: Normal forces, friction, the inclined plane, tension
Unit 6: Impulse and Momentum
Unit 7:
Unit 8:
Unit 9:
Bonus topic – E=mc^2

Semester 2:

Unit 10: Thermodynamics
Unit 11: Waves
Unit 12: The nature of Light

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