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Physics Unit Index

This index describes the basic thematic unit structure of the course.

Semester 1:

Unit 1: Things you need to know -The Scientific Method. Significant Figures. Scientific Notation.
Unit 2: Kinematics – equations of motion, motion in 2 dimensions,vectors, circular motion
Unit 3: Newton’s Laws, Free Body Diagrams
Unit 4: Gravitation – Kepler, Cavendish, orbits, the force of gravity near the earth’s surface and the gravitational attraction between 2 masses
Unit 5: Normal forces, friction, the inclined plane, tension
Unit 6: Impulse and Momentum
Unit 7:
Unit 8:
Unit 9:
Bonus topic – E=mc^2

Semester 2:

Unit 10: Thermodynamics
Unit 11: Waves
Unit 12: The nature of Light

Science Fair Materials

Attention all Chemistry students!

Look below for the schedule of the Avance Science Fair and all the deadlines.  Due to copyright restrictions I can’t publish the science fair write up as an attachment so I’ll give out 1 copy to each group in class.

So far I’ve seen some very cool science projects ideas. Not just the out of book kind but extensions of the science fair to include other interesting and related information.

Here’s  the schedule.

Status Due Date Things to do
Monday 2/10 Choose topic and write project question.
Wed 2/12 Get approval from your teacher.
Fri    2/14 Research your topic and write key words and paragraph.
Wed2/19 Write a hypothesis.Design an experiment; list variables and write procedure.
Fri2/21 List and gather your materials.
Week of 22/24-2/28 Conduct experiment and record data and observations.
Create a table, chart, or graph of the data.
Draw conclusions.Make the project display.
Mon3/3 Write and print abstractTurn in planning packet to teacher.
Thurs3/6 Present your project at the science fair.