Textbook Agreement


                             Student Textbook Agreement 2013-14

Student:______________________________Course: Biology Summer School

Textbook Title: Biology (Prentice Hall)

Teacher: Mr. Weissbard

Textbook #:______________

Avance teachers and administrators are committed to providing students with textbooks for the school year. This contract is an agreement to work in partnership to ensure that the book is used properly, protected, and returned at the end of the year.

As a student, I pledge to

❏    use textbooks appropriately

❏    avoid damaging and losing textbooks

❏    pay for textbooks that I damage or lose

Student’s Signature: __________________________________Date: ___________

As a parent/guardian of _____________________________________________, I pledge to

❏    encourage appropriate use of textbooks and monitor the textbooks my child brings home from school

❏    support the school staff in their efforts to provide my child with the textbooks needed for learning

❏   monitor the textbooks my child brings home from school

❏   encourage my child to be responsible for the proper use of the textbooks

❏   return textbooks at the end of the year, or if my child moves to another school within or outside the district

❏   pay for textbooks that are damaged or lost

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________Date: _________