WebWork 101 Semester 1 Unit 1

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

3 essential inventions
1] the base
hyper text transfer protocol http://

2] the domain
{sub domain: me.mydomain }

3] the extension

Later, with the growing popularity of mobil devices

2012 the registry offered personalized extensions for sale for $176,000.00 each (geek joke: the speed of light is 176,000 miles per second).

2015 many new extensions are available such as .photo and many more.

The master registry – somewhere in Europe – keeps track of domain names and who owns them.

Part 1:

3 main types of website code;
html / css
CMS content management systems or blogs
php Programmable Hypertext Preprocessor – generates html code

other important codes; css, javascript, sql

Investigate these websites, use ‘control u’to view code;

balanced-concepts.com this is a static html site
identify, html declaration, head, body, navigation bar

wolfas.org a WordPress blog
identify theme

clothes shopping site
this is an e-commerce site written in php
how can you recognize php generated htmkl code?

online tools


Let’s have some fun!