WebWork: Code Library

In this project you will begin developing a code library for future reference. Imagine your frustration 10 years from now when you are developing code for a website and can’t remember how to do something and then you suddenly remember wrote this code in High School. – Whew! What a relief!
Then all you need to do is jump to your cloud9 account or your archive disk and pull up the right page, copy and paste the code, test it, call your client to say you completed the task and ask them to send you a check!

Part 1: Build a mini-site:
Your code library mini site should have the following path:

Go to your c9.io panel and create a folder named ‘code’. note that folder names must be lowercase. While this is not required in any written documentation anywhere, I have had to solve hard to trace problems with capital letters not being recognized by the domain name server (remember what we said about DNS in the first week of this class?)

Create the 6 files you’ll need inside this code folder.
Your directory structure should look like this:

Next copy and paste code from your navbar project into the navbar.html page (only).
CAUTION: take only the essential code, drop any fancy backgrounds and images. When you look at this code later in life, you’ll need to quickly get to the code ‘snippets’ you need without having to sort through endless lines of coolstuffcode.

Copy the ‘ link rel=”stylesheet” etc ‘ statement into the head section of your new navbar.html page. Next copy the unordered list of page links into the body of this page.

Once that’s all working we’ll start working on the individual pages.