WebWork Unit 4: NavBars – Lesson 2

Lesson Objective: create a code library for future reference.

Dear Class,

I was amazed when I reviewed your navbar.html pages! Some of these sites had beautiful imagery, animated images and some integrated the navbar beautifully in the body of page content.

All that is good but now we need to create a code library for you to use later as a reference when you are doing webwork for a client.

Step 1: Log on to cloud9, create a new folder named ‘code’ (without the quote marks of course).

Step 2: create a new set of files; navbar, about, etc as you did in your last project. Change the ‘interests’ page name to ‘2-level-navbar.html‘.  Change your ul to include this new page. You can access these pages online using name.avance-student.com/code/filename.

Step 3: Build these pages with the css and navbar code from the last project. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY IMAGES, PAGE BACKGROUNDS OR ANY FANCY FEATURES! You should include 1 sentence of regular text which describes the page. Example: This is a NAVBAR.  Remember – this is a code reference for later use and years down the road you will need to find and grab snippets of code quickly. Keep it simple! This assignment will be graded and I will take off points for anything extra I find on the page.

Next lesson: Floating the navbar to full page width ie Full width float.