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In this Physics section, I’ll try to give you enough of the content and study materials to prepare you for standardized tests (what ever they may turn out to be) while simultaneously providing the tools you will need to survive at an engineering level in college.

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Speaking of organizing by topic – I had an interesting conversation with a student today.

During a notebook check, I noticed she had arranged the contents of each section chronologically. I suggested that she was an auditory learner and she asked what that meant.  I explained that there were really two main types of learners, auditory and visual. Sure humans exhibit  hints of tactile and kinesthetic channels but auditory and visual are the most important. I explained that in contrast to  auditory learners, visual learners organized their content by topic so they can access knowledge and resources categorically. Apparently she didn’t see what I meant because I asked if she could see what I was talking about and got no reaction. Then I asked if she would hear me out and explained that auditory learners tend to ferret  information away for future reference and keep their content in chronological – not topical order. When I asked if she could understand what I was talking about she replied instantly and  quite naturally.

The simple use of language is often enough to establish a person’s learning mode.

There are other differences between visual and auditory learners in the way they set up tasks and in the permanence of their organizational systems.  For example, an auditory learner will take out only the materials they need and quickly return them to storage when used.  A visual learner will get every single piece of paper out in from them – just to be sure they don’t miss something – before they can even start.

Auditory learners seem to take some weird satisfaction in permanent  filing systems whereas visual learners find it hard to commit to one permanent structure. I, for one am always modifying my organizing systems. Nothing is permanent. Everything is fluid. When I don’t find what I’m looking for in the first or at worst second place I look, then I question whether I should change where I keep that information.



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