Rutherford’s Model of the atom

Rutherford’s Experiment (animation)

Crash Course: The history of atomic theory



Assignment:  Write a 1 page (minimum) essay on the history of the atomic theory. Include a timeline of the 3 most important scientific discoveries that led to Rutherford’s experiment and identify the scientists or philosophers who made these contributions.

Describe Rutherford’s experiment – this can be in words or an annotated diagram. Describe what Rutherford expected to find and why (what model of the atom was Rutherford trying demonstrate?)  Describe what Rutherford actually observed.  State Rutherford’s conclusion and discuss how Rutherford’s model of the atom is supported by his experimental results.

This essay may be hand written or printed or typed.

Motion in 1 dimension- Part 1

Learning Objective: Understand motion, velocity and speed

average velocity
scalars and vectors

How is velocity measured?

Now calculate Big Daddy Don Garlitz’ average velocity by converting 0.25miles/5.40sec into miles per hour.

(0.25miles)/(5.40sec) x (3600sec/hr) = 166 mph
Why is this different than the 270 mph recorded top speed?


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