Chem Unit 11: Equilibrium Equations

Warm UP!  Write the general form of the reaction rate equation.

Learning Objective: How to calculate equilibrium constants from experimental data.

Review pg 601 #5b – on board for XC

Here’s Hank!  {thou shall take notes…….}


Questions and answers….

Class work together on XP 28 – finish for HW.

Here’s a simple and straightforward definition of chemical equilibrium and how to calculate the equilibrium constant. — from Brightstorm…

And here’s a word from our sponsor …. no wait I mean your favorite Chemistry teacher at Brightstorm;

Read Pg 604 ‘Using data’
Let’s do Example problem 3 – pg 605.

HW: pg 605 # 5, 6, be prepared to discuss #8-12

Cool demo:



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