How to build an online quiz

I’ve been looking for a solution to creating an online quiz. I want the software to support the following features;

  1. ability to display test questions
  2. ability to accept and store student responses
  3. automatic scoring
  4. ability to report quiz results by; class, quiz id, student

I’ve tried several plugins, the best of which was mtouchquiz but even with gravity reports I don’t get the data I want.

So here’s what I did…..

I decided to write subroutines in php to be instanciated in a blog post at a later date.

  1. manually create a student response database under MySQL – db creation will be automated later   I went back later andchanged the question numbers to Q01, Q02 etc.
  2. populate a sample test, use student id=999 as the answer key
  3. build a php / SQL routine to grade the sample quiz
  4. create a blog post form which contains iframes for the quiz and for the answer block
  5. use JavaScript or JQuery routines to provide selectable answer choices
  6. create a submit button so students can submit their answers. This code will store their answers in the database – again in JavaScript.
  7. write report scripts and call thm from a teacher password protected post or page



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