Physics Unit 1: Study Guide

What you need to know for the Unit 1 Test (Fri Sept 23 – B, Mon Sept 26 A)

Basic Trigonometry
Sin, Cos, Tan,  (we’ll hold off on arcSin, arcCos, and arcTan till later in the semester)
Pythagorus’ Theorem

The difference between vectors and scalars (velocity and speed)
Converting units
Powers of 10, scientific notation
Significant Figures

How to derive the General Equation of Kinematics and how to derive the ‘time independent’ equation of kinematics using the 2 column derivation method.

The derivations are in this power point


How to solve 1 dimensional motion problems
How to solve gravitational acceleration (free fall) problems
How to solve girlfriend problems (extra credit)
How to solve time independent motion problems