Syllabus: Biology-Summer School

Biology      Mr. Weissbard: summer 2014


Course Description: This Biology course follows the California Biology content standards.  This course is a required course to graduate from high school and apply to universities.  In this class, you will be learning major biological concepts and participating in laboratory activities.  In order to learn about major biological concepts, you will also need to learn smaller concepts.  There will be daily assignments in order to help build your science knowledge.

In semester 1, we will cover; Cell Biology, Genetics,

In semester 2, we will cover Ecology, Evolution, and Physiology


Textbook: We have only 1 class set of books. You are responsible to take care of your book during class. Anyone caught writing in their book, folding pages or causing other damage to their textbook will receive automatic detention. Every student must submit a parent (guardian) signed textbook agreement in order to borrow a book for overnight use.

Class Rules

No cell phones: Cell phones WILL BE CONFISCATED!

No sleeping in class: If you are sleeping, I will wake you. I will wake you rudely. Do not sleep in class – you have been warned.

Quiet and Silence: Students are expected to be quiet at all times. While working together and talking about the lesson or worksheet, you may speak quietly. However, when the teacher is talking, lecturing, making announcements, giving directions or otherwise addressing the class, students are to remain silent. No exceptions.

Bathroom passes: Students will be given 5 bathroom passes for the 5 week summer school session which may be used at your discretion but only with teacher approval. Additional passes will not be given. You may not use another student’s pass.


BIOLOGY By Miller and Levine (Prentice Hall)

Required Materials

You will be required to have a 3 ring binder for this class. You will take notes, do your vocabulary and other classwork exercises as well as keep your homework in this binder.

You will need:

  • 3 ring binder
  • Dividers with sections marked for 1-Classnotes, 2-Assignments, 3-Labs, 4-Quizzes, 4-Homework,  5-Vocabulary, and 6-Reference.
  • Pens, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, paper.

Grading Policy

Your grade will be based on the following: homework, classwork, science notebook, labs/projects, quizzes/tests.  The breakdown is as follows:

Homework                                            15%

Classwork                                             20%

Binder                                                     10%

Labs/Projects                                     15%

Participation                                       10%

Quizzes/Tests/Study Guides    30%

Grade Breakdown is as follows:

A+        100-98%,          A          97-93%         A-         92-90%

B+        89-88%            B          87-83%            B-         82-80%

C+        79-78%            C          77-73%            C-         72-70%

D+        69-68%            D          67-63%            D-         62-60%

F 59% and below

Labs, Projects, Activities

In this class, you will be doing labs, activities, and projects.  These will be assigned throughout the semester and due dates will be clearly stated and enforced.

Attendance and Make Up Work

Attendance and being on time is important.  You are responsible young adults.  Your major priorities at the moment should be your education.  If you are absent, you are allowed to make up your work without penalty if turned in the next class period.  It is your RESPONSIBILITY to get the makeup assignments.  If you are absent for a lab or activity, you cannot make it up.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Labs require preparation on my part.  I cannot prepare it again if you are absent.  Please do not be absent on lab/activity days, it will hurt your grade.

Late Work Policy

I do accept late work, but at a penalty to you.  YOU CAN ONLY MAKE UP WORK IN TUTORING!  For each day you turn in the work late, you will be deducted one point per day (including weekends).  You may think this is a small penalty but consider that some assignments might be worth 5 points or you might already have deducted points for incorrect work.   Turn in work on time, simple as that.   Work more than 1 week late will not be accepted.

Restroom Policy

You will receive only 5 emergency passes for summer school. That comes to 1 pass per week. If you need to use a pass to go to the restroom or drinking fountain, hold up your pass silently and I will sign it.  Unused passes are worth extra credit at the end of the summer session.

Testing taking/Plagiarism/Copying work

During tests, you are required to stay silent.  When you are done, you must remain quiet until the rest of your classmates are done.  Absolutely no talking is allowed.  Be respectful towards your peers.  If you are talking, I will think you are cheating.  I will take the test away, you will be given a 0 and a phone call home.  I take cheating very seriously.  So, be smart, just don’t talk.

Plagiarism is defined as the act of stealing or passing off (the ideas or words of one another) as one’s own.  I understand that you may need to do research, but that does not mean copy and paste.  If you use other people’s words, correctly cite them and include a bibliography.  You must cite all sources using MLA format.  If you are caught plagiarizing, you will receive a 0, phone call home, and the principal will be notified.  Be smart, don’t plagiarize.  This includes copying work.  If I catch you copying homework or classwork, you and the person you copied from will receive a 0 for the assignment, phone call home and will not be able to make up the assignment.

Classroom Expectations

These are classroom norms that you should follow in my class, as well as all your other classes.

  • Be respectful to yourself, others, and materials
  • Follow Directions and Rules
  • Raise your hand when you have a question or answer and wait to be called upon
  • Be honest with yourself and others
  • Follow school rules

Following school rules means: wear your uniform correctly, no cell phones, no I-pods, no gum chewing, no swearing.

If you are caught breaking school rules or my classroom expectations, there will be consequences (except for cell phones and I-pods, those are taken away immediately and handed over to administration)

The consequences are as follows:

  • verbal warning
  • lunch detention
  • after school detention and phone call home
  • meeting with the dean or principal, parent conference

There will be times that these consequences will be in a different order according to the infraction you have done.

Help and Tutoring

Need help?  Homework too hard?  Didn’t pay attention in class?  Need to make up work?  No worries, I’m here to help.  I have tutoring after school.  There is no tutoring on Wednesdays due to staff meetings.


Homework assignments, test dates, project dates, and lab activities will be posted online.  Make sure to check the website if you forget to write down assignments and due dates. Additional resources may be posted from time to time at



Student-Guardian-Teacher Contract


I,                                                          (student name), have read the syllabus and understand what is expected of me.  I agree to follow the rules and will achieve my best in this class.  I have shared the syllabus with my parents or guardian.  We accept Mr. Weissbard’s expectations, concerns, grading policy, test policy, restroom policy, and consequences.  If we have any concerns, we know we can contact Mr. Weissbard either by email, at tutoring hours, or set up a meeting.



I,                                                              (parent or guardian name), have read the syllabus and understand what is expected of my student.  I accept Mr. Weissbard ‘s expectations, concerns, grading policy, test policy, restroom policy, and consequences.  If I need to reach Mr. Weissbard, I know I can email him or set up a conference whenever needed.





Student Name Printed:                                                                             



Student Signature:                                                                                    



Parent/Guardian Signature:                                                                











Please return to Mr. Weissbard in the next class period (for credit).