The speed of light

Learning Objective: Understanding the speed of light and how it has been measured.
Standard: PH5
Warm Up: {FM} Sketch the electromagnetic spectrum and label Gamma Rays, X rays, ultra-violet, the visible spectrum, infrared, microwaves and radio waves.

Quick Quiz 25 pts
Measuring the speed of light:read Roemer’s experiment pgs 445-446. Pair share and discuss if his approach was valid. Class discussion.

Read Michelson’s experiments pg 446.

Is the speed of light constant? Does its speed depend on a luminiferous Aether?

Now that we know the speed is constant in free space, and there is no Luminiferous Aether, how can the laws of physics be the same as seen in all possible inertial reference frames?

The relativistic Doppler effect: read pg 453-454.

Exit Assessment: How can you use the relativistic Doppler effect to determine if a distant star or galaxy is moving towards or away from you?