Waves: Interference and Refraction

This post covers interference and refraction.  Interference happens when two waves pass through each other. Simply add the amplitudes point by point at any instant. Refraction ocurs when a wave front moves from one material to another and the wave’s velocity changes.


Standard: 4 a-d, f What are waves?
Waves carry energy
Transverse and longitudinal waves, seismic and ocean waves
Wavelength, frequency, and wave velocity
Sound waves, music
Beats, diffraction, refraction, resonances
The Doppler Effect


Learning Objectve: to understand the phenomenon of refraction in water waves.



Wave interference and standing waves (nodes, anti nodes)


A simple – quick demonstration of constructive ad destructive interference;


The wave machine demonstration:





Refraction of water waves around a beach makes for great surfing!


Question: Why does the wave crest “A” frame?  sketch the ocean bottom in the vicinity of the break.


Class review: Holt page 438-439 #1-14 (skip # 10)