WebWork 101 S1 Unit 2: html tags and webpages

Lesson 1:tags and elements

LO: to learn html styles
to understand text editors and ftp clients

Warm up: {FM} What is an html tag?, an html element? give examples of each. (DoK 1)

Agenda: review w3schools.com tags, p, h1, /br
Describe use of statement.

In this unit you will learn about several important html ‘tags’. I say important because these are the few tags you need to focus on in order to build a webpage. there are many other tags you will use on occasion but these an be looked up in w3schools.com html reference if you find a need.

Lesson 1:tags, elements and attributes
changing font size, font type, font color


Lesson 2:lists

ul,ol, ol with styles

How text editors and ftp’s work – example: Kimodo Edit and FileZilla
Initial set up of Cloud 9 Integrated Design Environment

Lesson 3: hyperlinks

In this lesson we’ll study the role of hyperlinks, their format, attributes and some basics of web etiquette.

Part 2 of this lesson, we’ll confirm Cloud 9 IDE accounts and ftp projects. Then we’ll discuss the necessary parts of a webpage (hint: html tag, head, body, ending html tag).

Next we’ll start work on Project 1: The Jabberwocky