WebWork Semester 1 Final Project

Goal create a javascript code library accessible from your main website.

Step 1: create a new page code/java/js-dir.html

Step 2: add link to directory to the navbar in your main site

Step 3: In  your js-dir page, create a vertical navbar  with links to the following pages.

code/java/alert.html , inner-html.html,  for-loop.html, if-then.html, date.html

Step 4: create thes 5 pages and build custom examples of code using each of these javascript statements.  Be creative!

Page layout


Each of your javascript example pages should follow this format;

Title: example  <h2>Java Script FOR Loop</h2>

Next write a brief description of what the code is intended to do.

The following section should include the output from the javascript. For exmple, if your code is to display the numbers 1-10, the output would be 1,2, etc …10.

The final section should show the javascript code to the user.  Simply copy and paste the javascript code snippet into this html section of the page but do not include the <script> and </script> tags.

That’s it!



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